Technical Work

Iris Fryer

In the past six years I have completed a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at Queen’s University in Kingston, and a graduate certificate in museum management and curatorial studies at Fleming College in Peterborough. Through these two post-secondary programs and my volunteer work at the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, I have developed a wide range of hand skills and technical problem solving skills relating to fine arts and museum collections, including museum conservation and construction.

‘Majora’s Mask’ replica – Clay replica of Majora’s Mask from the Legend of Zelda game series. Red clay and acrylic paint intended to be a matrix for molding and casting in resin.
Sterling Silver Ring – I carved my design in wax and stamped/polished the raw silver cast ring
My first cabochons – I cut raw Tiger’s Eye (quartz) into slabs with a mineral saw, attached them to dopping sticks, and shaped and polished the stones using grinding wheels
Museum Exhibit on the ‘Lucky Strike Bait Company’ for Peterborough Museum and Archives through Fleming College’s Museum Management and Curatorship program. I designed and constructed the panel and artifact mount, restored the fishing lure artifact, researched and wrote the exhibit text, and created the Ontario fish interactive element.
My first mixed-media diorama – a summer and winter recreational scene of the Otonabee River in Peterborough, Ontario featuring the historic lift-lock.
Conservation work – cleaning a dugout canoe at the Canadian Canoe Museum and removing rust from the hooks of a 1930s fishing lure at the Peterborough Museum and Archives.
Clay sculpture and plaster cast bust
3-colour reduction print with lithographic stone
Mixed media figurative sculpture – tape, paint, cellophane, lights
Oil paint on canvas – 10’x3’
Stained glass work